What Makes Sheesham Dining Tables So Popular?

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your home is the dining table. This table is often not only used for family meals, but it is often the place where many family projects are done. Children use the dining table for doing homework and craft projects. If you ever need to sort out your photos to put in a photo album, the dining table is the perfect place for it. With that said, having a dining table that is both beautiful and tough enough to tolerate the many uses from the household is every important. You will need it to be constructed from a wood that is strong, hardy and durable. One of best woods that have these qualities is sheesham.

Sheesham wood is a rosewood that is native to India. It has naturally rich grains displaying beautiful patterns emphasized by its dark veins. It is stronger than teak and very affordable. This is why it is a popular wood used by the furniture industry to make fine wood furniture for the home.

There is a move these days toward manufacturing furniture from wood that is sustainable in order to preserve the natural forestation of other woods that is not renewable. Sheesham is a perfect example of a sustainable source of wood. The tree is cultivated in India on government-managed plantations and also grown along side of tea plantations to provide shade for the crop. It is a fast growing wood, which means there will always be a constant supply meeting the demands in the furniture industry to costs down.

Sheesham is a popular wood for making furniture because it seasons very well. The wood resists warping or splitting. Furniture made from sheesham is very durable. It is highly resistant to termites, so there is little risk for wood decay.

The natural colors of the heartwood range from rich hues of golden brown to a reddish brown. The sapwood is lighter in color in a pale beige. The beautiful grain of the wood takes well to polishes and finishes. These differences allow for a broad range of lovely colors and textures that can highlighted on the table top of a dining room table. You can see the exquisite patterns in every piece of sheesham wood furniture. Sheesham furniture maintains it beauty and will give you years of enjoyment. The longevity of the furniture make them ideal for heirloom furniture.

To maintain the beauty of your sheesham dining table, be sure to protect it from direct sunlight because prolonged exposure can cause the rich hues to fade. Always use placemats or coasters when you serve food on your table. Wipe off any spills right away with a soft cloth. Every few months, you can polish with a little beeswax to remove fine scratches and maintain the lovely sheen of the table. Old stains can be cleaned with a cleaner formulated for natural wood. You can also buff off the stain gently with a very fine grade of steel wool. Carefully rub in the direction of the grain. Then, use beeswax to restore the sheen.

If you are looking for a dining table that is made from high quality wood that is both beautiful and affordable, explore your options in tables made from sheesham wood. You will be impressed by the distinctive appearance of the wood that makes each table uniquely beautiful. Visit a showroom or browse through the inventory of a retailer of fine furniture. You are to sure to find a dining table or set that will fit the decor of your home, and you will enjoy the unique beauty of the table for years to come.

Why Dakota Dining Tables Make Your Home Pop

When you’re looking for a new piece of furniture, you may feel as though you have to choose between modern pieces and something more traditional.

Those are the worlds that furnishings typically exist in, and there’s very little that falls in between.

However, handmade Dakota dining tables are able to offer the best of both worlds. Their sleek designs and dramatic appearance will allow them to fit in with the most modern of households, but this style of table couldn’t possibly be more traditional.

This style of dining table has been in use for hundreds if not thousands of years.

When you see a Dakota table, it’s likely that the first thing you’ll be struck by is its simplicity. These tables are all about clean lines and simple design. Tables typically consist of only three pieces of wood: the tabletop, two wide, flat legs.

Most of these tables are made from extremely high quality wood, which gives them a lot of durability and an extremely classic appearance. The simple design makes it easy for manufacturers to spend more of their money on the best materials available. You’d be hard pressed to find a Dakota table that isn’t well made.

Because their designs are so simple, manufacturers often find ways to give these tables some extra visual appeal. For example, some companies add subtle visual interest to a Dakota by “fuming” the wood. This is a technique that adds color to a piece of wood using its natural tanins. No staining is necessary. It results in a very interesting and unique look.

The chairs that Dakota dining tables are sold with also tend to be pretty special. Instead of selling individual chairs, many people opt to sell the tables with long benches that mirror the table perfectly. The finished look is basic, but in a visually appealing way.

Some people choose to spice up their Dakota tables further by using additional chairs. For example, someone might pair a table in a light wood with modern chairs that are stained in a darker color.

There are some people who play up the table’s simple design by using chairs that are more elaborate and have a lot of detailing. There are others who relish the table’s simplicity, and select chairs or benches that compliment that perfectly. A designer can do all kinds of things with a table like this.

There are so many things that make these tables special. Because of their simple design, they tend to use extremely high quality materials, and are almost always well made. They’re durable and will last for many years, even if they’re put through a lot of wear and tear.

The tables are also versatile. They can be paired with any kind of furniture, and can work in any dining room. No matter what a person’s tastes are like, it’s likely that a Dakota dining table will appeal to them. The basic design makes it something that will work for everybody.

Normally, when we think about things that are simple, we assume that they’re not unique or special. Dakota tables prove that that isn’t the case. Sometimes, a basic piece of furniture can be far more interesting than an elaborate one. You can do almost anything with a dining room table like this.

If you’re looking for a new table, spend some time looking at Dakota designs. It’s likely that you’ll be very impressed by their quality, and it’s likely that you’ll fall in love with the table’s beautiful appearance. There are all kinds of fantastic tables out there, but Dakota tables stand out in a crowd.